The rime of the Ancient Mariner III

The sailors were trapped on the open, vast, windless ocean and eventuly their thirst had pierced through their heart almost persuading them to drink the cold, bleak, salty water. Being delirious with thirst in the middle of the Ocean, without a doubt, this had to be the worst thing. One day, the Ancient Mariner noticed a towering, humongous shape approaching from the west across the golden horizon. Seeing this, his solemn sorrows had changed and the crew noticed it was a ship. Beaming with relief, the crew got up but could not cry as their lips were badly sunbearnt and their throats dry as a Desert. The Ancient Mariner ripped through his arm, sucking at his blood, wetting it enough to cheer and cry a little. ” A sail! A sail! Cried the Mariner. The ship managed to turn itself towards them. The golden, exotic looking sunlight made the ship look imprisoned. After a while the Mariners mood turned from excited to dreadful. He noticed that ship was approaching quick.