Story using 15 different words I learnt

“Why is it you stopp’st me?” he questioned. It was now, he had to tell them his bitter request. Yunus knew that his parents will never allow him to go out to see for months. His dream of travelling was now becoming dangerous and out of hand. “Although you are a close kin to me, I must follow my dream,” exclaimed Yunus. He noticed Rage penetrating his fathers face. His father, disappointed, restless and distraught.

“I must leave!” he spake as he sprinted down the stairs dragging a vast bag on his back. Powering through the cold streets, he could could feel a glittering small tear, trickling down his freezing cheek. Beaming excitement had turned to bitter dread. To embark on such frivolous journey was illuminating all his power and knowledge. He could just hear shouting,  piercing through his ears. The sound of traffic roared through the streets, distracting him from what he was thinking.

“Why?! Why?! did I do this he complained.

Days have passed and still he was lost, alone, and half dead. Suddenly he just heard a man screaming directly at him. Looking up, he spotted a imprisoned looking dismal ship.  It was time. Now. This was it. He rushed towards the ship leaping upon the ship. A screeching whistle blew, black smoke bellowed out vast chimneys and he was off. The ship edged forward, out, into open water.

The rotten smell of old fish, reeked the boat, intoxicating my lungs. The cold, bleak, biting weather bit at the ship, punching at the shattered glass. The captain swung the cane, right around my hips slapping and whipping me. “Get back to work you urchin!” ordered the boss. The growling of his voice could be heard from miles away. Anger Filled his heart, making him scream  furiously.

Darkness had come prematurely, causing menacing shadows to awake. A cold shiver ran down my spine allowing my legs to tremble. Footsteps echoed across the cabin. Razor light, pierced through the port holes blinding my eyes. Drifting in lonely, scorching agony, I cried and wept. The noise of water gushing over the ship, was ringing in my ears.

I knew that I somehow had to escape this imprisoned place. ” I really should have listened to mum and dad!” He cried. His mouth, as dry as a desert, Stopped him from even whispering. He bit his lip hard enough to wet his mouth to cry a little. Weeks and weeks had passed until he thought of something.

“I’ve got it, Yes! I’ve got it!.” he said bravely. He had to jump off the ship.