The Ancient Mariner, part the fifth

After praying, the Ancient Mariner thanked the Virgin Mary for finally allowing him to sleep. He dreamed that the buckets on the ship were filled with dew, and awoke to the sound of the falling rain. He drank and drank after so many days of thirst, as a spring of love gushed from his heart. Suddenly he heard a loud wind far off, and the sky lit up with darting “fire-flags” that could be interpreted as lightning, aurora borealis, or “St. Elmo’s Fire” (electricity visible in the atmosphere that sailors consider a sign of bad luck). Rain hammered down from the grey bleak clouds, with a stream of lighting. He could hear the wind howling in the distance but he did not feel the breeze swaying across his face. The ship suddenly began to sail although there wasn’t my wind.  Just then, all the dead men stood up and went about their jobs as a mute, ghostly crew. Once again the wedding guest proclaims he fears the Ancient Mariner, The mariner quickly assured that he again was the only one that had survived and hadn’t had died.